GameOver - Games of the Year 2000

GameOver - Games of the Year 2000

It's been a week since the New Year's festivities and as we look ahead to another year of gaming, it's only fitting that we reflect back on the year that was 2000 and give credit to those games that brought us hours and hours of fun and excitement. That's right, it's time for our annual 'Games of the Year'.

For those that recall last year's award ceremony, Unreal Tournament walked away with the big prize at the end of the night. The year prior to that, Half-Life was the order of the season, sweeping a number of categories including the coveted Game of the Year. And so we finally arrive at this year's show with great anticipation. Will a First Person Shooter walk away with the gold again, or will the two year streak come to a halt?

In previous years, we've stuck to the basic genre awards along with our prestigious 'Game of the Year' award. This year, however, we've expanded the awards ceremony to include not only the usual genre categories but also a number of special achievement awards, as well as a few dubious 'honours'. We'll hand out awards to the titles that featured the best artificial intelligence, demonstrated the most incredible visuals, and offered the best multiplayer action, among others.

It's a packed show to say the least, so we won't keep you waiting any longer. It's time to get to the goods. Who will walk away with the honour as 'Game of the Year 2000'? You're just a few clicks away. So sit back, grab a tasty beverage, and enjoy the show as we pay tribute to the Games of the Year 2000. Thanks for an incredible year!

Let's get on with the awards!

Genre Awards
[ Main ] [ Action ] [ Adventure ] [ Expansion ] [ Puzzle ] [ Racing ] [ Role-Playing Game ]
[ Simulation ] [ Sports ] [ Strategy ] [ Game of the Year ] [ Comments ]

Special Achievement Awards
[ Best AI ] [ Best Budget Title ] [ Best Graphics ] [ Best Sound ]
[ Best Story ] [ Most Innovative ] [ Multiplayer ] [ Comments ]

Other Awards
[ Biggest Letdown of the Year ] [ Surprise of the Year ] [ Top Ten Worst Games of 2000 ] [ Comments ]

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