GameOver - Games of the Year 2000

GameOver - Games of the Year 2000

Best Graphics - Giants: Citizen Kabuto (c) Interplay

Honourable Mention - American McGee's Alice, Sacrifice, MechWarrior 4

A multiplayer combat game containing elements from both the action and strategy genres. Giants provides a choice from one of three sides of a battle where enemies eat, burn, drown, kidnap or bury their victims to gain control ovr a serene paradise hidden deep inside a beautiful nebula. Battle ensues on a massive fragment of shattered planet consisting of 40 separate islands.

Here's a quote from our review of Giants: Citizen Kabuto:

Screenshots are what really attracted me to Giants: Citizen Kabuto and this is one area that carries a double-edged blade. If you're one of those hardcore gamers who are up to date on hardware, then this is one pretty game. However, if you're a couple generations behind (like me) then you're probably not going to be overly happy with the game. I've been playing on a TNT1 and a TNT2, both of which do not support bump mapping and I'm rather displeased by the graphical quality. I did also try this on my friend's Geforce 2 (I just received my own GF2 today!) with bump mapping and the game is superbly done. I guess Planet Moon skipped out on standard texturing and focused heavily on bump mapping because the landscape is just bland without it. Modeling in the game is also very good, even without a card capable of bump mapping. Most of your typical forms of 3D highlights made their way into G:CK, so there's very few details overlooked.

Let's hear those bells and whistles!

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