GameOver - Games of the Year 2000

GameOver - Games of the Year 2000

Best Sound - Crimson Skies (c) Microsoft

Honourable Mention - The Sims, Deus Ex, Baldur's Gate II

Set in an alternate 1937, Crimson Skies combines the intense action of air combat with the swashbuckling feel of an Errol Flynn adventure movie. As the handsome and daring air pirate, Nathan Zachary, players take to skies filled with treacherous air pirates, giant aircraft carrier zeppelins, and the ever-changing political landscape of a fractured United States. Enter a classic Hollywood adventure movie-world of dastardly villains, beautiful air-privateers, and valiant militia forces as you battle for control of the skies of North America and the aerial universe of Crimson Skies!

Here's a quote from our review of Crimson Skies:

Voice acting is much better than usual, with dialog often spoken with the correct amount of emotion and emphasis. The dialog during the mission layout, which is performed while looking at a map and photographs of your objectives, are especially well done, making you feel like you're listening to a group of buccaneers planning their next escapade. Jaunty music accompanies all.

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