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Title: Wasteland (c) EA / Interplay

Game Type: RPG

Release Date: December, 1988
Released By: N/A

Original NFO: N/A


Wasteland is a futuristic multi-character role-playing computer game set in the post-World War III area of "New" Nevada in the United States of America, now known as the Wasteland. You and your newly graduated group of Desert Rangers set out into this holocaustic "Wasteland" on a mission of reconaissance for the Ranger Center. As you carve rabid radioactive vermin into ground round, reduce desert scum into fine red mists with your AK-97 assault rifle, punch holes into robotic monstrosities with sabot rockets and proton axes, all the while watching your Geiger counter to avoid radioactive zones, you will uncover sinister plots which threaten the precarious balance of remaining life in the Wasteland!

Wasteland is considered one of the top Role Playing Games of its time, or any time for that matter. In recent 'Top 100' polls released, Wasteland has figured in the top 10 almost every time. It was ported to the PC in 1988 and won Industry Awards immediately. Shortly after its immediate success, EA/Interplay began to work on Meantime, the sequel to Wasteland. However, it never made it to duplication.

Two years after the release of Wasteland, EA/Interplay came out with another RPG very similar to Wasteland called Fountain of Dreams. It used the same game engine as Wasteland and featured several of the same gaming elements and even a similar story line. Some people confused Fountain of Dreams to be the 'unofficial' sequel to Wasteland, which was/is not true. There was never a sequel to Wasteland...or was there?

The rights to Wasteland has always belonged to EA, therefore Interplay has never had the chance to make a sequel to the popular RPG which they had shown interest in doing. Last year, Interplay released another very popular RPG by the name of Fallout. It might not have been an 'official' sequel to Wasteland, but it was a clear statement that it would be Interplay's attempt to continue the tradition started by Wasteland.

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