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Title: Fountain of Dreams
Publisher: EA / Interplay

Game Type: RPG

Release Date: September 21st, 1990
Released By: INC

Original NFO: INFO.INC

Fountain of Dreams...

In AD 1990 Electronic Arts released Fountain of Dreams for the IBM compatible PC. Set in post-war Florida, after the "enemy" neutron bombed the mainland of Florida to preserve its technology (viz., Cape Canavral) but wipe out its inhabitants. However, Florida itself was bombed off the continental United States bynuclear vollies in Georgia! The life that creeps out from surviving this armaggedon builds a Florida much mutated, and is in constant conflict with the island of Florida's main crazies, the Killer Clowns.

You and your chums set out to find the Fountain of Dreams and its purifying water because sorry to say: "Plain as the third nose on your face, you're mutating."

Fountain of Dreams was published in 1990, two years after the success of Wasteland. It used the same engine, and incorporated several of the same elements found in Wasteland, yet it wasn't nearly as successful. The story line was a good one, but the gameplay was lacking. Personally, I found it one of the hardest games I've ever played. You could literally begin the game by encountering 'monsters' that were hard enough to kill halfway through the game, let along at the start when your barely armed.

EA continues to own the rights to Fountain of Dreams which inhibits Interplay from creating an 'official' sequel to it (much like Wasteland). Of course, that didn't stop Interplay from producing Fallout... so maybe there's still hope.

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