Escape from Hell (c) Electronic Arts

Release Date: April 26th, 1990

Escape from Hell is an adventure role-playing game of a different color. Instead of trying to hook up with the good guys, everyone you meet is bad! After all, you are in hell! Escape From Hell from Electronic Arts doesn't have super fantastic graphics or a really great interface, but it does have a novel and interesting plot and lots of non-player characters to talk to and interact with, but a disappointing endgame. The puzzles can, for the most part, be solved using several different solutions. The game is fairly non- linear, but each of the three levels of hell become increasing difficult, so fighting skills and weapons must increase as you progress further into the game. The graphics used in the game are tile graphics, with full portraits and animation during combat and npc-interactions. Hercules, CGA, EGA (512KB), TGA, and MCGA (640KB) graphics modes are supported, and all input is from the keyboard (no mouse or joystick support).

The game engine is once again very similar to that of Wasteland, both in and out of combat. The one thing this game does sport that Wasteland doesn't, is humor. This game is filled with one liners, and where else can you hire people like Stalin, Genghis Khan, and Adolf Hitler to join your party? If you've never tried this title before, I suggest you hunt down a copy.