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Game & Publisher Game of LIFE (c) Hasbro Interactive
System Requirements P-90, 16MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 86%
Date Published Tuesday, September 22nd, 1998 at 09:50 AM

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Hasbro, the board game company we all know from our childhood's, has brought one of their most popular and well known titles on to the PC. The Game of Life sports colorful graphics, humorous sounds and lots of replay value because of its multiplay support. Obviously, this game is geared towards a younger audience and who better than the reviewer voted "Most Immature staffer" to give it a whirl.

Graphics: 18 / 20
Hasbro has been capturing the attention of kids for decades now, and they have not abandoned time-tested formulas in their PC games. The graphics are a mix of semi-animated pieces of the game board and small movies. The game board itself is highly detailed with every item basically 3d. Lots of flashing lights and spinning objects serve to make the board come alive. Also in regards to younger audiences, the variety of cartoonish pieces keeps the game interesting and fun for the full length of play. The movies are cute, if not somewhat cheesy. In a title like this I can hardly blame Hasbro for using generic word plays and puns, they fit the silly and comical atmosphere the graphics create.

Sound: 13 / 15
Once again, Hasbro sticks to the formula with the sounds very similar to many of their television commercials. An over excited announcer keeps track of whose turn it is and who is in the lead. Cut scenes are voiced by a small variety of people, perhaps too small in some cases. The announcer also doubles as a French artist and a Swedish chef, and lets just say he could stand to work on his accent a little. However, in the context of the game I don't think it detracts from the game, even if it is hokey.

Gameplay: 25 / 30
The options are simple. You have two choices, classic Life or enhanced Life. Classic Life is a very faithful recreation of the old board game, perhaps too faithful. I asked myself, and I imagine you would too.. "Why bother playing something that is exactly like the original." Well perhaps for nostalgic purposes this would be fun, but in all other cases I recommend players stick to enhanced. You have your choice to play with up to 6 human or computer opponents. Due to the nature of the game (spin and move your car) there is no real "skill" to playing, making it perfect for young gamers and people who just enjoy mindless cheesy fun (/me!). The AI is hardly bloodthirsty, however they seem to take more money from you than they take from each other. The mini games are cute and simplistic, mainly orientated on matching and luck. My favorite was "Skunk Money," find the money and not the Skunk and you win, find the Skunk and.. You get sprayed.

Fun Factor: 17 / 20
The fun factor of this game is based basically on its accurate recreation of the enjoyable elements of the original board game. I feel that Hasbro has successfully brought a working formula for board gaming fun to PC. Obviously the target audience is not the average cutting edge Quake player. Little kids and less serious gamers will enjoy this title, it has a lot to offer them. The more serious and "mature" gamer should look elsewhere, unless you are looking for a serious change of pace.

Multiplayer Play: 5 / 5
Supporting up to 6 human opponents both local and in a network The Game of Life has the best feature of its charm covered, the interactivity. Latency would be a problem as you drive past your opponents to PayDay and spin yourself a $25,000 bonus. Its hardly action packed and edge of your seat competition. But it certainly has its up sides. For those of you who are college students with younger siblings' back home this is the perfect way to have some enjoyable interaction with them. Hasbro scores full points in this category.

Overall Impression: 8 / 10
Well what hasn't been said? This is a solid title in a somewhat mixed bag of board games on PC. The Game of Life comes through with fun, replay, and lots of cheesy jokes. If you find time between the action packed fall releases give this game a try. And if not.. Well, I guess that's life. ;)


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