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GameOver Game Reviews - PDA Pivot (c) CyberKnight, Reviewed by - Fwiffo

Game & Publisher PDA Pivot (c) CyberKnight
System Requirements Handheld Device (PDA or GBA)
Overall Rating 80%
Date Published Sunday, March 24th, 2002 at 11:03 PM

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The Pivot is a simple but thoughtful accessory for handheld devices. Its design ensures compatibility with just about every handheld device including consumer electronics like the GBA. What you get in the Pivot is a sturdy two piece-plastic with a hinge that holds the pieces together. This serves as the 'pivoting' part of your accessory. Using velcro, the manufacturers allow you to fixate a piece on to your PDA device. From here, the velcro will then bond to the 'pivot' piece allowing you to create, among many things, a custom cradle.

The idea is quite simple but it can serve many purposes. One caveat about buying low cost PDAs, like the EM500 or Jornada 525, is the absence of a cradle. The Pivot allows you to inexpensively add such functionality to your handheld. Because of how it attaches, you won't have to worry about blocking any important cables or connections. Moreover, it is a useful tool in the convention / trade show going arena. It can help hold items while you take down material from business cards or pamphlets. It can be used as a display or presentation tool. As a prop, the Pivot's hinge and strong plastic construction eliminates any doubt of whether its aptitude to the task. The hinge certainly gives you a solid feel and you get the feeling that it will never give way. However, its construction is lightweight enough that mobility is still preserved. If you aren't using the Pivot, you can simply fold it back or even detach it from your device.

The caveat I had with the Pivot is actually placing the velcro attachment piece on to your handheld device. As form factor on handhelds decrease and expandability increase, it becomes quite a challenge to find an adequate amount of empty surface area on your PDA, especially when manufacturers are increasingly opting for things like removable batteries or expansion sleeve/sled technology. I was also disappointed that the velcro attachment is permanent on your device. Suffice to say, you'll only be able to use the set with one device, which rather hinders the functionality of the accessory, considering its emphasis on multiple usages. One drawback about velcro, which isn't entirely the fault of the manufacturer, is when contaminants dirty the velcro itself. Thus, where you use this will determine on how much lifetime you can get from the single piece you receive with the Pivot. I essay at the end of its lifetime, you don't want to be hanging your handhelds off the ceiling with just the Pivot.

Perhaps the most novel and interesting thing you can do with the Pivot is to use it as an inexpensive car mount. Long ago when MP3 players were rare and handheld devices were still running Windows CE 2.0, there were several quite destructive car mounts that let you put up phones, audio players and PDAs. The Pivot uses the same velcro technology to create a base in your car without breaking out the toolbox or drilling into the base of your vehicle. A quick glance at a few handheld accessory stores illustrates how much cheaper and in my opinion, flexible, this solution is to the more permanent mounts.

The Pivot is an intriguing and functional tool but it is slightly dialectic in its execution. Because of its permanent fixation on your handheld, it doesn't work quite well with the people who own three or four sleeves/sleds for their handheld. Thus, those who are into accessorizing are not exactly the audience for this product (which is ironic since this is an accessory in itself). Should you run out of uses for it, the manufacturers include a running list of res gestae on how the Pivot can help you. But my recommendation is for people who have PDAs that lack a cradle or use their PDA in stationary places; in front of a desk or table. As I mentioned before, it's also an excellent low-cost alternative to a car mount and easily removable too. Furthermore, it is almost a must have if you show off anything with a PDA and don't want to drag your cradle along (which would look quite embarrassing anyway). Ultimately, at such a price, it's hard to go wrong with the Pivot.

[20/25] Performance
[24/25] Ease of Use
[13/20] Flexibility
[13/15] Value
[08/10] Novelty
[02/05] Longevity


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