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GameOver Game Reviews - Complex (c) Pocketeer, Reviewed by - Lawrence Wong

Game & Publisher Complex (c) Pocketeer
System Requirements Pocket PC 2000, 2002, 2003 (ARM, MIPS, SH3)
Overall Rating 83%
Date Published Sunday, November 21st, 2004 at 05:48 AM

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Although Pocketeer’s Complex is classified as a puzzle game, it plays more like a passive action game composed of tiles in a grid. You control a happy face persona on the game board and navigate obstacles to collect all the coins. With over sixty levels, there’s enough Complex here for everyone.

One of the things Complex got right is the intuitiveness of the controls. Using the direction pad, you can move your persona around the map. These directions are duplicated with virtual buttons. This helps facilitate people whose devices have weak direction pads or people who simply prefer playing with the stylus. And because the game is more passive, reflexes and reaction time aren’t deciding factors.

The objective of the game is to collect all the gold rings on the map. However, each map is also filled with movable obstacles that you’ll have to shift around to get to these difficult positions. There are instances where you can trap yourself and shift things around so that you can’t finish the level. In those hopeless situations, gamers will find the undo button to be a boon.

Visually, Complex has its own unique look and feel. The use of bright colors may seem out of place in any other game. But it doesn’t here. Complex’s visuals are well developed with its own sense of style. My only complaint is my wish for the tiles and the gameplay area to be a little bigger. Gamers can also flip the display (and the controls) sideways with the touch of a button. This mirrors the landscape functions of the newer Windows Mobile 2003 operating systems.

In terms of sound and music, Complex comes off as pleasant as well. There are quick buttons to mute them. Unless you’re in a discrete setting, you’ll rather they were turned on though.

At a price of only $6.00 US, you almost can’t go wrong with Complex. Deciding to buy the game is the simplest decision you could make.


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