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Game & Publisher Frantix (c) Sony Online Entertainment
System Requirements PSP
Overall Rating 55%
Date Published Thursday, October 20th, 2005 at 06:38 PM

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This review, much like Frantix, isn't going to have too many bells or whistles. I'm here to give you good people the straight and honest truth. Frantix is very simple.

In all honesty, the easiest way to describe Frantix is to call it a 3D Lode Runner without all the ladders but plenty of ways to die. However, I can't leave it at that so let's get to it. Frantix is a puzzle game that has to face some serious competition. Games like Lumines and Mercury are pretty heavy hitters in the puzzle genre and they're both pretty harsh on the competition. So, from the get-go, Frantix has a problem.

Graphically, Frantix a fairly nice looking game with decent, if not really irritating sound design. The basic idea is that you have to frantically (note the title) run through levels gathering gems and avoiding bad guys, and by bad guys I mean Gary Gygax-ish monsters like the Cat-Dragon (Bugbear... It's a bug, it's a bear... it's a Bugbear!! Same thing with Owlbear) and the more traditional enemy of the gem collecting freak: WATER. That's right folks, H2O is here and it's mad. It's not really that mad honestly, it's just there and if you touch it you're dead. I mean, also in the game are lava and quick sand, those make sense, but water?

Anyway, so you run through these mazes grabbing crystals and not touching water and, well, that's about it. There are 5 different worlds that have different graphical themes, but they're all basically the same as far as puzzles are concerned. So, if you really like these types of puzzles then this game would be perfect for you.

The biggest thing Frantix has going against it is the complete lack of any other mode of gameplay other than basic story mode. There's no multiplayer or anything. It's pretty much vanilla Frantix all the time.

In the end, Frantix gets old very quickly. After the first few rounds you'll find yourself thinking “Is this all?” The answer is yes.


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