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Game Over Online ~ Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

GameOver Game Reviews - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (c) Eidos Interactive, Reviewed by - Father Doogle

Game & Publisher Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (c) Eidos Interactive
System Requirements PlayStation 2
Overall Rating 92%
Date Published Tuesday, November 30th, 1999 at 12:00 AM

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Planning out an assignation has never had so many possibilities. Reacting to the environment around you, finding new ways to do the same mission, using disguises, or just plain messing around with enemy guards are all apart of the thrilling and stimulating experience that is Hitman 2. Expanding the gameplay with more real-life objectives, expansive areas, and more weapons equates a totally customizable assignation experience. Sweet baby, sweet.

Believe me when I say that the replay value is aplenty in this quality title. You can go about the same mission in so many different ways, it’s mind-boggling. Even in the first mission alone, I found at least five or six completely different ways to tackle my assignment (and that's mainly because I can't count past seven).

The gameplay in Hitman scared me at first. “What if the controls suck?” I thought to myself. Simmer down, little Doogle, you are in good hands. Not only can you play this game in third-person view, but the first person view is also more than acceptable. Either view can be controlled with ease, which comforted me since I like to be a smooth sailor. Both analogs glide through the fighting field like a pair of figure skaters on fresh ice. Aw, so beautiful. What would have been sweet would have been Bullet Time (the slow-mo ability in Max Payne). Oh baby, don't even get me started on a Hitman with Bullet Time. Wow, just think about that for a minute. Oh, oh, oh, yeah! Ok, that's enough.

The last installment was a PC-only title so its understandable that graphics was a big concern to the critics. Even though I can't speak for others (but they are wrong if they disagree anyways, cause I am like so always right), the graphics jump off the screen and they are your world. Also, the collision detection is second to none. This is also a big help to aiming also. Lets me know that when I shoot someone in the head, the sucka goes down, baby.

The weapons just have a sweet presentation in this title. In your shed (your home base), you have an outline on a tag board on the wall of each weapon you can pick up, which is nice because not only does it tell you what you are missing and what you can use in each mission, but it also gives you yet another goal. As far as I know, no weapon was taken away; the classic dual guns (Ballers) and choke wire are still in wide use in the assignation world. I can't get over just how many ways you can play this game, and with so many weapons (that you can select before you leave on most missions) at your disposal, the drool just wouldn't stop dripping.

So many people were involved in this project. From programmers to testers, Eidos made sure that things were set just right. Voice actors were also called upon for their skills and the somewhat ambient music also sets this already hit game in motion.

The story is pretty basic in nature, but really, who cares? You are once again called on to kill when hooligans kidnap your close friend. In order to get him back, you need your old agency’s help. But with this help comes a price. You must kill for the agency, despite your newfound beliefs and your past that you regret. The story is completely voice acted, which makes it that much more enjoyable and interesting.

Saving was a big problem in the last installment of Hitman. Running through a whole level without saving wasn't just a challenge, it was a superpower. Let's face it, Hitman was a hard game and without mid-way points or saves, it could give way to reasons for hair loss. But don't fret! Now you can save anywhere at any time! Before you go writing off Hitman 2 as a soft game, keep in mind you have a limited amount of saves. So, simmer down! It should also be noted that the load and save times are quite long. And to be honest with you, that is my biggest bone about this game. Wow.

Buy this game. It's good. I promise that if you love action, adventure, a dash of strategy, cool guns (with yummy aiming!), and a flat out cool cat character, than Hitman is right up your alley. Honestly, there are so many ways to play each mission, I know that I will be playing some of my favorites again and again. And coupled with tight difficulty settings, I couldn't be more pleased. Involving, intriguing, solid, and just flat out fun. Who could ask for more?


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