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Game & Publisher PaRappa the Rapper 2 (c) Sony Computer Entertainment
System Requirements PlayStation 2
Overall Rating 74%
Date Published Monday, March 18th, 2002 at 08:00 PM

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Another sequel of the cool, hip rhyming game PaRappa the Rapper has been brought to us by Sony, this time sporting a complete makeover, graphically, with some subtle new game enhancements. PaRappa once again illustrates the creativity and desire game developers have to create new, genre bending, out of the ordinary titles. For me, games like PaRappa is what gives the Sony consoles a special place in my heart.

In Game Graphics

Everything in PaRappa has a zany, bizarre, two-dimensional sort of feel going for it. The traditional look of PaRappa has remained true to its original intent, while the power of the Playstation 2 has given the game the ability to handle so many more things on the screen at once, making this sequel the most animated one to date. You will see far many more special effects throughout the game, along with a much crisper hi-res look than the now dated looking original. The command bar, where you input your moves, has been extended to two full bars making the game much more playable. The previous versions had one bar and certain parts of the game where you went before the leading rapper became very hard to play as you are only given around a half a second’s notice before the moves showed up.

Full Motion Video

The intro, cut scenes and ending should keep most audiences interested through all 8 rappin’ music filled stages. The full motion video follows the story graphics quite closely with just a bit of anti-aliasing, which makes it a bit obvious that a FMV is playing and not actually 3D graphics being rendered by the game. Overall I feel the game could have done without the FMV look and would have been better if all events were rendered real-time in the game engine.


Here’s where I feel the game lacks a bit, which was a real shame for me. When PaRappa the Rapper first came out, I thought to myself, “I have to find the original soundtrack for this game.” I really don’t feel that way about this version mainly due to the fact the music wasn’t as exciting this time around. Mr. Onion Head’s stage is called “Romantic Karate”. I was expecting something catchy and fun, but instead the song just didn’t cut it for me. That’s not to say there aren’t some enjoyable tunes in the sequel I know that I cannot instill all my musical tastes to the world so more than likely you will find a song or two that fits your style. Sony, you’re on the right track, next time just try to stick with more of the previous title’s successful original themes, and you will have at least satisfied me.


The game follows a “tape” of commands you have to perform, which is synced with the current song. As you enter each command, PaRappa spouts out the next phrase of the rap. Pretty straight forward and simple I must say, but as you progress in the game your reflexes will surely be tested. Each stage encourages the player to come up with their own style of raps by adding additional commands to the “tape”, giving you a chance of scoring a “Cool”, which gives you an alternate ending to the stage and an allotted time period where you can create your own raps without following the command tape. Overall, I found the gameplay very enjoyable. Those who liked the other PaRappa games or rhythm games in general, will surely have fun with the many modes PaRappa offers.

Replay Value

Beating the game once just gives you the ability to play all the challenge modes. All I can say here is awesome replay value. You can try to beat the computer in 5 different levels of AI and try to get each alternate ending for some extra surprises at the end.

Last Remarks

This game had great potential, but I feel the weakness in the actual sound track, when this game was predominately a music game, made it a turn off to hardcore gamers. I still recommend it because I love the PaRappa series that Sony has created for us. Those who liked the other PaRappa games, or rhythm games in general, will surely have fun with the many modes PaRappa offers. The game is definitely a benchmark for games to come and I cannot wait to see what the next incarnation will bring. For true PaRappa fans, Japan is currently airing the PaRappa the Rapper anime series on TV as you read this review. Let’s hope they translate it and bring it over here for us to enjoy as well.


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