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Game Over Online ~ Hard to be a God (c) Akella

Hard to be a God (c) Akella

Published: Monday, July 17th, 2006 at 01:43 AM
Written By: Lawrence Wong

When I first saw Hard to be a God, it looked a heck of a lot like Biowareís most famous RPGs, like Baldurís Gate or Neverwinter Nights. Hard to be a God is actually an adventure role playing game based on a novel from a famous Russian duo, the Strugatsky Brothers. Akella seems to have a lock on Strugatsky material and here they are looking to publish a title based on the fictional Kingdom of Arkanar.

At first Arkanar seems like your usual fantasy role playing setting. There are swords, shields and magic abound with reportedly over two hundred weapons in the mix. Unlike the popular Oblivion where you just sit on the horse but canít attack from it, there will be horseback and dismounted combat in this game.

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Our preview demo emphasized the approach of stealth in solving problems. Itís not something we havenít seen in thieving classes offered by other role playing games but Hard to be a God features a unique plotline twist though. The hero is part of a medieval version of the secret service. The protagonist encounters people from Earth; modern day Earth who introduce guns, lasers and such.

Hard to be a God will have an underlying plot but it will have plenty of side stories and a non-linear progression meaning you will be able to travel and do anything you want. The world looks to be very large. Indeed, during our preview, we sort of got lost about where to go to see the next game. There were some NPCs around in the game, especially in towns whom you can converse in a traditional dialogue tree. NPCs will react differently to the player based on his appearance. Another feature the developers are introducing into the game is concept of weather and night and day cycles.

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The game is currently under development and is expected to ship in time for the holiday season of 2006.

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