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Game Over Online ~ MediEvil: Resurrection (c) Sony Computer Entertainment

MediEvil: Resurrection (c) Sony Computer Entertainment

Published: Monday, July 18th, 2005 at 04:22 PM
Written By: Jeff Haynes

Seven years ago, PlayStation owners were introduced to a supernatural platformer with one of the most unlikely heroes to ever grace a video game -- Sir Daniel Fortesque. A fallen knight who’s dedication to his duties continued even after his death, Sir Daniel found himself fighting against scores of the undead that threatened his kingdom, often with unorthodox methods. Apart from one sequel, Sir Daniel has rested comfortably, waiting for the next time that his skills would be needed. Thanks to the PSP, that time has come. Sir Daniel returns to action with his latest adventure, MediEvil: Resurrection.

Fans of the original adventure on the PlayStation will be somewhat familiar with the storyline of Resurrection, although this isn’t a simple port over to the new system. The storyline itself has been somewhat “remixed” to provide a newer version of Fortesque’s story. Sir Daniel was a gallant knight who was killed by an arrow during a battle. However, thanks to the magic of an evil sorcerer named Zarok, he has been raised from the dead, along with countless other monsters. Still feeling a sense of duty, Daniel sets out to destroy this new threat to the kingdom.

Unlike other platforming characters, Daniel has a varied and unusual assortment of weaponry that he’ll use to defeat his enemies. His first, and most bizarre attack involves the use of his left arm, which he can swing like a club or charge up to unleash a more powerful blow. Apart from this limbed assault, Daniel will acquire a number of other items to add to his arsenal, including a broadsword, a large club to break through barriers and a shield to protect himself. He’ll also be able to take foes out from a distance thanks to throwing daggers and a crossbow that he’ll acquire from a fellow fallen hero. However, many of the objects that Daniel will get will degrade over time or use, which will require him to find replacements or buy more powerful objects. While that wasn’t included in the two stage demo we had, it would seem apparent that the undead knight will acquire a large number of tools to help him on his quest. New to the franchise are a series of mini-games to divert and appease players. The one that was included in the demo was a shooting gallery level, which tasked you with hitting a varying number of targets. Apparently there will be many more of these to unlock and play in the finished version, which will also allow for head to head multiplayer matches.

While the initial flair of the title harkens to its PlayStation roots, the game itself looks much sharper. The animations of the character models, from Daniel to his opponents, are extremely crisp, and the backgrounds look extremely sharp, particularly the particle effects. The major standout has to be the humor, which is portrayed with an extremely dry wit and sarcastic jokes combined with black comedy. MediEvil Resurrection looks like it’s shaping up to be a great platformer for everyone’s PSP library when it appears on shelves in late August. Check back then for a full review!

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