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Syberia II (c) XS Games

Published: Wednesday, March 17th, 2004 at 07:59 PM
Written By: Steven 'Westlake' Carter

Microids teamed up with The Adventure Company to release Syberia in the fall of 2002. It was a beautifully artistic game, with interesting characters and nice enough puzzles, and it was easily the best adventure to come along since The Longest Journey in 2000 (and since no great adventures have come out since then, Syberia still holds that claim). But Microids is hoping to create a new king of the adventure gaming hill with Syberia II.

Syberia II picks up right where Syberia left off. Once again you play Kate Walker, a young New York attorney, and while you spent all of Syberia trying to track down the mysterious Hans Voralberg, now youíve found him but youíre looking for the equally mysterious island of Syberia.

Hmm, this train looks familiar... except now itís carrying Hans Voralberg as well as you.

Your first stop in the game is Romansbourg, the last bastion of civilization before traveling through the frozen wastes of Russia. The main puzzle here involves picking up some coal, but of course, since Syberia II is an adventure, such a seemingly easy task will take you all over the place and require you to solve a few puzzles. And once you acquire the coal Hans gets sick, and then... but I donít want to give too much away.

Candy machines, coal machines and more make up the town of Romansbourg.

I only played Syberia II a little past Romansbourg, but so far the game has the same look and feel as Syberia. The engine is identical, and Syberia II appears as though itís going to have the same strengths and weaknesses (great graphics but relatively easy puzzles). So if you liked Syberia, then youíll no doubt like Syberia II as well. Look for it on store shelves on March 22.

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