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Game Over Online ~ Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (c) Electronic Arts

Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (c) Electronic Arts

Published: Wednesday, February 11th, 2004 at 06:42 PM
Written By: Jeff 'Linkphreak' Haynes

There are very few people who haven’t grown up wanting to be a spy at some time or another. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to travel to exotic places, stopping nefarious plots and saving the world? Besides the massive frequent flier miles, you’d get to play with cool gadgets, drive incredible cars and romance the ladies. Hell, Ian Fleming has portrayed this lifestyle for more than forty years and no one can deny the impact he’s had on movies or games. Well, EA’s prepared to take gamers upon another clandestine globetrotting operation with their latest title, James Bond: Everything or Nothing.

Once again, players act as Bond, James Bond, superspy. Unfortunately, another mastermind of epic proportions has arisen with a dastardly plot to destroy the world. Nikolai Diavolo, a former KGB agent and protégé of Max Zorin (from A View To A Kill fame) is incensed with the westernization of his homeland, and has decided to act upon a scheme from his mentor. Kidnapping a well-known scientist and her experiments, Diavolo plans to unleash nanobots upon the world that will obliterate any metal they touch, resulting in countless deaths. What’s worst, one of his archenemies, Jaws, has teamed up with Diavolo to release these hidden machines. M orders James to end this threat to humanity at all costs.

The demo that we had focused primarily upon two separate levels, the Nanobot facility itself and the Pontchartrain Bridge in New Orleans. The Nanobot facility begins in true action style, with James running and leaping off the edge of an exploding building. Of course, at the very last second, James fires a Q-Rappel bolt and rescues himself from death, leaving him to descend to the ground amidst fiery debris and shattering glass. As he tries to escape the growing conflagration, James has to contend with a number of petty henchmen trying to stop the secret agent from escaping. The Pontchartrain level focused more on a chase sequence, with James on a specially modified motorcycle (of Q’s making, naturally) pursuing Jaws in a massive tanker as it careens down a large bridge.

Unlike previous Bond titles, Everything or Nothing is not entirely linear in the strictest sense. While levels are completed in order, players have numerous ways to achieve their missions. For instance, Bond’s always had a license to kill, enabling him to shoot and murder anyone at will without legal repercussions. So, for shoot first and ask questions later players, James can run through a level with guns blazing. However, Bond’s more well known for his stealth, so those clandestine gamers will be able to creep around, silently taking out enemies and cracking signature Bond comments. There also promises to be separate ways of entering and exiting levels, such as the option to steal a car or a motorcycle to make a getaway, which changes the ending of the level substantially.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Everything or Nothing involves its cast and their contributions to the title. From Pierce Brosnan to Dame Judi Dench, every major Hollywood actor’s face has been physically scanned onto their in-game persona, making the game seem much more cinematic. Their voices were also captured to provide an additional touch of realism, and, in Mya’s case, even accent the soundtrack for the title song. We’re keeping our eyes glued on Mr. Bond’s latest adventure as it gets ready to sneak onto shelves next month. Check back soon for a full review!

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