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kill.switch (c) Namco

Published: Friday, September 19th, 2003 at 09:54 PM
Written By: Jeff 'Linkphreak' Haynes

Let me paint a scenario for you all: You’re a covert operative behind enemy lines on what easily classifies as a suicide mission. You’re extremely outnumbered, tasked with assassinating some foreign leader or destroying some target of opportunity. What’s more, the consequences of success or failure of your mission hold a nuclear or biological war delicately in the balance.

Been there, played that…sounds kinda like the typical action/covert op title with a highly skilled military soldier, right? Well, what if that stale plot was turned upside down. Instead of trying to prevent a war, you tried to start one? Your targets of opportunity, former comrades who sent you on a suicide mission and double crossed you. Welcome to the bullet-infused world of Kill.Switch, where players will be able to channel their inner Rambo. (Say it with me now, “Colonel, I’m coming to get you…”)

While Namco is keeping the full details under wraps for now, trailers for the game and website information have alluded to the idea that your character was part of some Special Forces unit that, for reasons that will be revealed in the game, double crossed your soldier and presumably left him for dead. Some time later, he’s out for revenge against his former teammates, and will seek to make them pay through 15 missions scattered across the world from North Korea to the Middle East. The demo that we received focused primarily upon the Middle East, but from what we could see, you’ll be able to make your vengeance harsh and incredibly efficient.

Unlike other games that pack tons of action with a tank-like, seemingly indestructible character, your soldier is all too human. Not only will the game throw tons of bullets, grenades and explosions your way, your enemies are extremely coordinated and intelligent. Once they get a fix on your position, they will quickly advance upon you, providing covering fire for their allies. With these tactics, your character won’t be able to withstand an open direct assault for long. Creatively, Kill.Switch features what they call an Offensive Cover System, which allows your character to actively seek cover from nearby objects. For example, he might crouch behind a desk or flatten himself against a wall to avoid incoming fire. Yet simply hiding from enemies isn’t all; he can actively attack incoming enemies blindly by firing over and around objects at approaching soldiers.

Kill.Switch is packed with a ton of impressive animations for the main character. The first time you see him perform a blind fire suppression, or take cover to avoid getting shot, you’ll feel a total shot of adrenaline. Not only limited to your character, you’ll also notice the AI signaling, calling for backup and ducking for cover. With the considerable high quality of graphics, this title looks like it’s going to be a showpiece for PS2 and Xbox owners when it comes out next month. Keep checking back here for more information on this explosive action title!

Questions or comments about the upcoming release of kill.switch for the Xbox and PlayStation 2? Talk to us!

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