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Game & Publisher Smart Games 3 (c) Hasbro Interactive
Overall Rating 78%

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Well here it is, the third installment of the Smart Games series, Smart Games 3. This game includes twenty small puzzle and brainteaser games, all in one big package. Each game has different variations which get more and more difficult as you go higher and higher up the scale. The games are pretty much your basic mind games, kind of like that peg game at Cracker Barrel.

The game knows when there is a better way to beat each puzzle so if you do beat it another way, it tells you if there is a better way. This is very convienient and a nice touch, but it made me mad when I spent ten minutes on a puzzle only to find out it wasn't the most efficient way.

Graphics are great considering what kind of game it is. Nothing really jumps out at you. No major animations or anything of the like. Just your basic "click a piece and move it here" animations. The still shots look nice. Each individual game has a nice rendered pair of dice or a nice asteroid. Obviously, this game isn't built on graphics but rather on gameplay.

The sound is the main downside to this game. How hard is it to put some sort of musical score in this game? Not very hard. The game is silent. The clicking sound after you press your mouse button gets old fast. Besides that, there is no sound except for the voice you hear when you finish a puzzle correctly. The least I could say would be to pop in your favorite CD or even load up some MODs to listen while you play.

The gameplay is where this game excels. Its easy, plain and simple. It doesn't use anything but the mouse. It doesn't require a 500 page manual. It doesn't use dropdown menus when you click somewhere on the screen. Its just think, point, and click.

The game is fun but only if you are into puzzle games. Its a good way to pass time. It just gets you hooked and then the next thing you know an hour has passed. Smart Games 3 is the kind of game you pop open on you desktop when you've got a few minutes to spare.

Next to the annoying sound and no music, the lack of some multiplayer options is rather annoying. I guess you could play a set with your friend in the other room and then call him back after you complete it and reset the game. Perhaps you could compare scores, but not much else. I think this game needs some multiplayer options to spice it up.

With over twenty different puzzles to choose from and so many variations on each one, it is damn near impossible to get bored with this game, unless of course you hate puzzle games. This is definitely one to use at work. If you're a puzzle or strategy fan, I think you will like this game. Action fans will want to keep a safe distance away though.

Graphics: 17 / 20
Sound: 5 / 15
Gameplay: 28 / 30
Fun Factor: 18 / 20
Multiplayer Play: 0/5
Overall Impression: 9 / 10

Overall Rating: 78 / 100

Reviewed: K6-2/350, 128meg 6ns SDRAM, Millenium G200 8meg, Creative Voodoo2 12meg, Creative AWE32 8meg, ViewSonic 21"


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