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Game & Publisher Hoyle Casino 99 (c) Sierra
Overall Rating 80%
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I've always been a skeptic about computer gambling games and after playing Hoyle Casino 99 I still am. Anyone who knows anything about computer casino games will tell you Hoyle ranks at the top, even I am aware of their reputation. Hoyle Casino 99 features new 3d Vegas style casinos, sixty varieties of slots, blackjack ,poker, roulette, and craps. Along with all the classic casino games, Hoyle 99 features online help, 10 unique players, and crisp graphics.

-Graphics: I found the graphics completely average for a game of this caliber. I really enjoyed the cartoon graphics for each character, on the other hand this did detract from the realism. Most of the graphics are plain and don't have much to them. However, all of the slot machines are colorfully decorated and are well thought out. I can't think of anything I don't like about the graphics, besides graphics don't sell a gambling game.

-Sound & Control: The sound is average and the character voices are decent. Controlling your way through the casino is very easily done. Buttons on the side and a map guide you effortlessly to each location. Online help was actually a nice tool to have in this game, it helped me adapt to the setup of the game and learn new tricks.

-Gameplay: As far as gambling goes this game pulls it off very well. Casino gaming couldn't be any simpler. All of the menu's are well designed and thought out.

-Fun Factor: One thing I really don't like about computer casino games is the "cheat factor". Personally I believe the computer decides if you win or not, and its not based on luck or skill. Even though I lost about 75% of the time, I still had a blast playing this game. I spent most of my time playing blackjack and poker, because slots were a rip off and I don't know how to play the rest. I really enjoyed the graphics on the slot machines because they each had a different theme.

-Multiplayer: Unfortunately there is no multiplayer, I think a gambling ladder would be pretty cool that kept track of winnings. Without real money of course.

-Overall Impression: If your a fan of poker, craps, blackjack or any casino game you will get a real kick out of this game. I'm not a true gambler and I've never stepped into a casino, but I thought Hoyle 99 was executed very well. All of the games are very professionally done and the Hoyle name lives up to its standards.

Graphics: 18/ 20
Sound: 8 / 15
Gameplay: 28 / 30
Fun Factor: 18 / 20
Multiplayer Play: 0 / 5
Overall Impression: 8 / 10


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