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Game & Publisher H.E.D.Z. (c) Hasbro Interactive
Overall Rating 78%

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Every now and then a nice original game comes along and H.E.D.Z is definitely one of those games! It's really hard to describe what kind of game H.E.D.Z. is, so I'll refer to the description given by VIS Interactive, the developer.

"Meet the H.E.D.Z... a hyper-intelligent, pan-galactic, cross-dimensional race of quite short extra-terrestrials, that visit Earth on a regular basis, abduct interesting human specimens, hack off their heads and take the trophies back to their home to use as weapons in their most popular sporting pastime....But hey, who's perfect?"

"En route, each head is transformed into HedWare, using a secret alien process. Once converted, any alien can slide this head over their own and adopt the powers of its previous owner. So 'Clown' HedWare lets the alien throw custard pies, whereas 'Captain Ahab' HedWare means they fire harpoons . . . it's as simple as that!"

H.E.D.Z. features a 3rd person view, 250 different "Hedz" to choose from, multiple arenas called asteroids, and of course tcp/ip play.

Graphics -
Even though H.E.D.Z boast's 3D card support, I wasn't too impressed with the 3D graphics. Most of the effects are very bland and boring, for example the explosions and gunshots. The textures of the arenas aren't too impressive either. Most of the arenas are very blocky and looked like cardboard cutouts. The graphics, however, aren't bad to the point where they make the game un-enjoyable, they just could be better. I did not see any texture flaws or any other graphical errors. In fact, the game ran very smoothly on my P2 system.

Sound & Control -
The sound is pretty good. I really enjoyed all the voice effects for each head. Each character has his own little stereotypical remark he/she says when you select them. One nice touch would have been background theme music for each arena. The control takes very little getting used to. You have several very basic commands such as jump, shoot, change head, open backpack so it's very easy to control your character.

Gameplay -
This game is VERY simplistic, but its still loads of fun. You run around killing other hedz and collecting their head, and sometimes you get a key to open a door or breakdown a wall. That's about it for what you do in this game. It did take me a while to beat some levels though. You have to act fast to get keys off other hedz before they snatch them up. It's very hard to compare this game to another title already out there since it is so unique, but I suppose it is a little along the lines of a side scroller or an arcade platform game.

Fun Factor -
This game rules! I had a blast playing this game. My only complaint is the lack of more levels. There are 250 different H.E.D.Z ranging from Russian Planes (flying) to a crazed guy in a snowplow. The variety of Hedz alone is sure to provide hours of fun. Some levels do become difficult and tedious, that's why I opted to play multiplayer, which is even better.

Multiplayer -
A wide variety of connections are supported, the most popular being TCP/IP. Even with just a dial-up host the game runs pretty smoothly. My only complaint is; just 4 people can play. Once again, I had a great time in multiplayer.

Overall Impression -
I can't stop playing this game, I definitely recommend it for anyone that gets a kick out of mindless shoot 'em up games. It's a very unique game that offers hours of fun gameplay.

Graphics: 12/ 20
Sound: 12 / 15
Gameplay: 26 / 30
Fun Factor: 18 / 20
Multiplayer Play: 5 / 5
Overall Impression: 8 / 10

Total Score: 81%


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I first looked at these graphics and decided that it was absolutely horrible for a game made in 1998, to have graphics this bad. But then as I played through the game some more, it became apparent that graphics really were not the main issue here anyway. The graphics are your standard Doom style. And I do mean Doom, not Quake or Unreal. These are pretty basic as far as I am concerned and really don't add a whole lot to the content of the game itself. The colors or nice and bright but other than that I can't really recommend this game based on graphics alone.

Sound effects while simple, really add to the overall atmosphere of the game. It reminds me of some of the old console games on the Amiga I used to play way back in the old days. Very loud, and to the point sounds make this game better.

This game didn't seem to take advantage of my trusty 3dfx card but that really doesn't matter one bit. The gameplay in this title is a lot of fun. The whole premise is to find money from killing bad dudes in each level or world. Money is also found around various parts of the worlds themselves. You have five different characters (Hedz) to use for each of your ventures into this surreal universe. Each one has a different skill whether it be an ability to run fast, or jump high, or even throw bombs instead of shoot bullets. You can also unlock new Hedz by finding their special powerup icon in the previous level. I honestly don't see this game getting boring for awhile. It seems that the number of worlds is quite large. Definetely give this title a go.

Once again I cant figure out how a game with graphics synonymous to the stone age can be fun to play, but it makes it's point. Jumping around levels trying to discover how to unlock the next gate or how to push a button to make a ramp, all come down to a really fun experience.

This has all your standard fair for games nowadays. Internet, dialup, Lan are all included in the package. I didn't get to try a multiplayer game of this yet but it seems like it would be even more fun than playing single player against the computer.

This game has it all, except for one or two glaring problems. One being the control seems quite a bit jumpy, especially with a gamepad controller. Turning was a rather difficult task no matter how much I turned down the joystick sensitivity. The other problem is the frustration level that can occur when you are stuck in a linear part of a world. You are forced to figure out your way through instead of having the option of completing another part of the world first. Overall though, I would recommend this game to anyone that likes the puzzle platform type game.

Graphics: 12/20
Sound: 12/15
Gameplay: 22/30
Fun Factor: 16/20
Multiplayer Play: 5/5
Overall Impression: 8/10

Overall Rating: 75/100



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