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Game & Publisher NFL Blitz (c) Midway
Overall Rating 84%

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From the #1 Arcade Smash hit, Midway finally brings NFL Blitz home to the PC where it belongs. It is very well known that the original arcade title was run right on an Obsidian Voodoo board, so it is no surprise that the PC version of NFL Blitz is an EXACT translation of its arcade counterpart in terms of speed, graphics, playability and, most importantly, overall fun. You will not find any in depth strategies or complex running plays in this title, however, you are sure to find a game that will entertain you for hours on end with solid gameplay and fun.

Graphics: (19 / 20)
The graphics in this title are superb, moreover, obviously better than the arcade version. The game blasts off a sub-ranged PC, P200/V2, at 45 frames per second at an 800 x 600 resolution. All the characters in the game have bulging muscle textures, detailed helmets and a set of rip roaring tackle animations that are sure to excite even people who do not even watch football, like myself. The field animations are perfectly recreated, although not ever stadium is different, in that the sharpness of the numbers on the field, the grass and the chalk of the lines are very well represented. Using a variety of different codes it is possible to play in different whether effects such as fog, rain and night modes. The interface of the game is also very good, in that, it is very quick since there is no loading time between the different screens. The one complaint I would have about the graphics is in the 2D area. The logo overlays, the text, time and other elements such as the team name have been directly lifted from the Arcade version so they are a lower resolution. This would be alright, but Midway has stretched these logos to correspond to the resolutions and this really makes them very pixelized and grainy. It is not a major issue but it would be good to see companies that do ports convert 2D graphics properly instead of just expanding them from the console versions.

Sound: (13 / 15)
The game is packed with well over 200 different voices overs and animations. Besides the regular play by play, the plays themselves expresses their anger and joy in many different ways that make you laugh. The sounds of the tackles are a bit exaggerated, however, it makes the player feel like they are really on the field and part of the action. The announcer, unlike Gameday 99 and NCAA 99, is not annoying and is actually the same one used in other Midway hits such as NBA JAM and Midway Hockey so you are in for a treat in terms of the sound. Although no Surround Sound, EAX or Aureal acceleration exists it is not really necessary, however, it would be nice to hear in the future.

Gameplay: (25 / 30)
The gameplay in NFL Blitz is fast hitting and bone crunching. The process of picking your plays and executing them go by really fast so more time is spent on action rather than reading. The plays themselves are moderately easy to execute so scoring chances come fast and furious. The AI in the game, although not great, is pretty good and it seems like some teams have different styles of play and play making. When on defense it is quite easy to sack the quarter back on a number of occasions, however, this is balanced by the fact that the computer passes really well so you cannot just have your defense attacking the quarter back at all times. Different game play options exist such as making the game clock move faster or slowerver, though it is unfortunate that no option exist that allows you to change the opponent AI difficulty. Unlike its console counterparts, no Seasonal or Playbook creator options exist. Midway is billing the PC title as an EXACT arcade conversion, so I guess they have an alibi in doing so.

Fun Factor: (18 / 20)
The game is tremendously fun to play and I would recommend it to anyone who is, or is not, a football fan. I am not a big fan of the Madden or NFL Gameday series for that matter but I absolutely love NFL Blitz PC. I look forward to seeing the sequel of this title very soon in the arcades.

Multiplayer: (0 / 5)
It is very unfortunate that this game does not have multiplayer capabilities. Hopefully in the near future there will be a patch to address this issue.

Overall Impressions: (9 / 10)
This game is an excellent buy that will provide you with hours on end of pleasure, excitement and fun.


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