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Game & Publisher Red Baron 3D (c) Sierra
Overall Rating 58%
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Red Baron 3D is the latest installment of the successful Red Baron series of flight SIMs from Sierra. It has many new features to set it out from the rest. New 3D graphic acceleration creates a world so real; it requires true courage just to step into the cockpit. New and improved Multiplayer features. Low altitude perception trees and shrubs fill the landscape to indicate when you are flying close to the ground. Cloud variations and layering effects creates an awe-inspiring sky filled with the dangerous unknown. Realistic textures create enhanced smoke, fog, sun-glare, explosions, anti-aircraft fire, buildings, and planes, New transparent cockpit mode.

Graphics: 11/20

Red Baron finally made the jump to 3D, but unfortunately too late. The graphics engine is a great leap from Red Baron 2. Even with that said the graphics are still far from great. The WWI planes look and fly very well, especially in 3D. The textures on the planes are amazingly detailed, and the plane paintshop allows players to customize the colors, insignias, and look at their planes. To bad this is the only part of the game that looks good. Lets start with the terrain. It remains very flat and unchanging. There is a complete lack of detail on the buildings and other land structures, even running at 1024 X 720. You can also plan on seeing only wide-open areas for your flight. The very little plant life and other various objects aren't much to see. The interior of the plane looked nice, and the different views allow you to see your plain in its glory. But how about being able to view the damage done to your ride, such as bullet holes and scrapes along your wings and sides. The sky and cloud detail is nothing new. And the explosions, crashing, and water effects are down right crude. Sierras finally got it right this time by adding 3D-card support. The only thing you miss though is crisper graphics, cloud layers, and the trees.

Sound: 8/15

Red Baron 3D features the usual buzzing sounds of the engine and guns shots of a World War I killing machine. The machine clatter is far from par, and the explosion sound effects are down right fake. There just isn't enough sound to please your ears in this game. 3D audio would have been nice to have also. This is becoming almost a standard as it is more and more widely used. The music goes nicely with the atmosphere and change of events in the game. It's one of the few things that lets know and feel you're fighting during the World War 1 era. There was a complete lack of speech in the game. It would have been nice to have a voice commentary to explain your mission objectives before you were launched into battle.

Gameplay: 19/30

Red Baron 3D boasts over 40 unique aircraft with 22 flyable planes. The plane physics are very realistic. True dog-fighting style. But your better off using a joystick in this game or you might find it very frustrating. It features a virtual world controlled by it's own AI systems means no two missions are alike, and the Dynamix Mission Builder allows players to completely customize their missions. This is all that sets it apart from Red Baron 2; it's just pretty much just an enhancement from the original. Fixing bugs and many other features left out in the original RUSHED release. It offers many long and hard missions filled with thrills and adventures to be explored. It's nice how you can earn higher ranks and eventually control your own fleet. They stood very well to the War World I mood and details. The reason it gets such a low score is the complete lack of originality and improvements from the first installment. You expect something new in the sequel. Throughout this review I had to ask myself what I was reviewing Red Baron 2, Red Baron 3D, or are they the same thing!

Fun Factor: 13/20

If you like flight SIMs and loved the original Red Baron this game is for you. But for Red Baron II owners, you're better off not picking this title up. Download the "Super Patch." You can have fun crashing and knocking planes out of the sky if you can get over all the other annoyances.

MultiPlayer: 2/5

Finally they got it working or should I say released. Now you can have Internet dog fighting action with scoring mechanism and tournament ladders to satisfy your gaming needs. To bad it's slow running and sometimes you can't get it to work. With some more PATCHES and FIXES maybe it will become more playable.

Overall: 5/10

Red Baron 3D is a great attempt to try and launch this classic game into 3D like the rest of the industry. Unfortunately it fell short and was better in its old beauty. The rush in the release shows in every aspect of the play. If you can get over this dark shadow, you might find some satisfaction in playing this game.


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