Total Soccer (c) Live Media

By: Highlandr

Addons: No

Yes, another soccer game. Starting the week off with a soccer game is great. Here we have Total Soccer, the new Kick Off for PC. Remember Kick Off in Amiga times? Well here you have a copy of the game but improved. It's fun, fun and more fun. 3DFX mode, just awesome. Don't try to compare this game to a FIFA or a World League Soccer, cause you can't. This is the classic soccer game so let it stay a classic. I will give my ratings like I was comparing it to Kick Off or Sensible Soccer from the Amiga times!! My greets for all the team that made this game cause it's risky to make a game like thi,s in the present times, where the graphics are "a must" for almost all the people but not for some like me. Fun and addiction is the key to this game.

Graphics: 23/25 The game looks great. 3DFX mode with SVGA graphs and the fastest framerate I have ever seen in a soccer game. Smoothness is this game's middle name. If a game like this wouldn't have had this speed, well it would be very bad, but since he has it all, it's a great game for kick off and sensible soccer fans!

Sound: 18/20

The sound is cool, like all the other soccer games, no new additions in this game.

Gameplay: 20/20

Great gameplay, now I'm really playing soccer like in the old times. No more GFX, GFX and GFX with no fun factor. This game will just be installed forever on my computer only if no one else makes a new version or a new game like this one. Play it and you will get in the way of the most wanted thing in soccer, the goal.

Fun Factor: 15/15

A sentence to describe this game: "Great little game full of fun and addiction". All top teams in the world are in this game with real player names. I can't ask for more! Custom league and cup. A feature that most games don't have, like FIFA. But we can't compare FIFA with Total soccer. Of course FIFA has awesome graphics but it doesn't have the speed or fun like this baby. If you think like me, that gfx isn't all that counts, just pick this game up and have fun playing it forever.

Overall Impression: 10/10

In these times of outstanding graphics with the 3dfx being a standard, here we have a game that no one would think it be possible to do nowdays. An unknown company that's made a great game for millions of soccer fans out there. If you are not a soccer fan you are not allowed to say anything about this game. I hate when people that don't know a thing about soccer start saying bad things, like Soccer is crap, blablabla. Well this review is not for you, but for soccer people, so please stop saying stuff like that. Play your favorite sport and leave us to enjoy this great sport that is SOCCER.

Overall Rating: 90/100

Graphics: 23 / 25
Sound: 18 / 20
Gameplay: 20 / 20
Fun Factor: 15 / 15
Multiplayer Play: N\A
Packaging: 4 / 5
Overall Impression: 10 / 10

Overall Rating: 90 / 100