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Game & Publisher Lemmings Revolution (c) Psygnosis
System Requirements Pentium 200, 32MB Ram, 250MB HDD, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 75%
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The Lemmings legacy began in 1985, when DMA Design created the original Lemmings for the Amiga. It became an instant classic with its unique puzzles and addictive gameplay. In the years following, sequels and spin-offs began pouring out, not only for the PC and Amiga but for a number of console systems as well. The series became diluted and some of the later titles were as dumb as the lovable creatures themselves. With the release of Lemmings Revolution, it appears the series has come full circle by returning to its roots, simple, addictive gameplay.

[Mission Impossible theme music begins]

[As Clarence sat comfortably in his favourite lawn chair, out on the deck in his backyard with a brewsky in his hand, he was suddenly startled as the mailman came around and dropped a parcel in his lap]

Clarence: Whoa, you startled me Svenson. You know, that mailbox I have out by my front door isn't there for decoration.

Svenson, the Mailman: Sorry Mr. Worley, it's just that I thought you'd want this particular package delivered right to you. It's from IMF you know.

Clarence: Ssshhh! Don't say that out loud Svenson, you know it's supposed to be confidential.

Mailman: Ohhh right, secret agent stuff. Say, did you ever talk to your boss about me? I think I'd make a great field agent. I mean do you know how many dogs I have to fend off each and every day?

Clarence: Get lost Svenson.

Mailman: Right.

[As the mailman shuffled off to the next house, Clarence quickly unwrapped the parcel revealing an audio tape. Clarence reached below his chair, grabbed his walk-man and placed the tape inside the machine. Pressing the play button, he immediately recognized Kittridge's voice conveying the following message:

"Good afternoon Clarence. Do you remember those green-haired, blue muumuu-wearing Lemmings we first encountered back in 1985? They're back and I'm sad to report they're still as dumb as a thumbtack. They keep getting dropped in the most precarious of situations, and armed with the wits of Monica Lewinsky, they're sure to meet their demise unless we do something about it Clarence! Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to guide these Lemmings through each and every level by helping them avoid certain death. Teach them skills and assign them tasks that will help them survive the perils and hazards of each level. Make sure the Lemmings reach the hot-air balloon Clarence, it's their only escape.

Besides the usual abilities such as Basher and Climber, you can teach them new skills such as Anti-Gravity, which allows the Lemmings to walk upside-down, and Trampoline. Teach and use these skills wisely though, there's only so much time before it's too late. The good news, there's usually more than one solution for each scenario. So come up with as many ideas as you can Clarence, more than one of them are sure to do the trick.

There also seems to be new Lemming types Clarence. Besides the standard Lemming, there are two new species of Lemmings available, Lava and Water Lemmings, which can walk across water without injury or peril. Watch out though Clarence, there appears to be a gang of boxing glove-wearing beavers out there just waiting to knock those Lemmings into next week. Be sure to use the Lemmings' special abilities to your advantage to avoid danger.

There are 100 scenarios or levels in all Clarence, so this task won't be easy. The levels unfold in a pyramid fashion, so once you complete one scenario, two new ones will be unlocked, allowing you some choice and variation. If you get stuck on one, move on to another and try to figure it out later. The first few levels will be extremely simple, almost tutorial-like as you learn the particular skills and attributes available at your disposal.

There's a catch here Clarence, all the levels feature towers, trees and the like. That's right, objects that you'll have to rotate around in order to view and avoid certain dangers, hence the name of this mission, Lemmings Revolution. The mission will be easy to start with Clarence, but will progressively get harder and harder until you start pulling out your hair wondering if you'll ever figure out the solution to this Lemming problem! Relax though Clarence, it's all good.

This probably won't be the prettiest mission you've been on Clarence, the visuals are all extremely basic yet relatively colourful. Lemmings Revolution only supports resolutions up to 640x480, so the detail level certainly won't be there. It certainly doesn't make use of the latest in visual effects either but this is a mission that tests the mind, not the eyes. An added bonus to the series is the ability to zoom into the action. This certainly helps in assigning skills and tasks to particular Lemmings, a problem that many people had in the original. In terms of audio, the original sound effects seem to be re-used in Lemmings Revolution as you'll instantly recognize some of the quips from the Lemmings like 'Let's go' and 'Oh no!'. The tunes, oh the tunes! You'll be annoyed by them Clarence, very annoyed. I suggest you turn off the music, it just isn't as clever or catchy as the original game.

The bottom line Clarence, get the Lemmings to the hot-air balloon! And if you get addicted to Lemmings Revolution, it wouldn't surprise me Clarence, the gameplay is as clever and rewarding as ever.

P.S - The lemmings will self-destruct if you feel the mission is not going the way you want it too.

P.P.S - Oh yeah, so will this tape, in 5 seconds!"]

[Clarence quickly tossed the tape into the swimming pool in his backyard and as it exploded, it created a puddle of water around him. As he placed the walk-man back beneath his chair, he was startled again as the mailman appeared before him]

Mailman: You know Clarence, I'm not really a mailman, I'm your arch enemy!

Clarence: Get lost Svenson.

Mailman: Right.

[As the mailman shuffles off to continue his deliveries, the ratings begin to roll as the theme music slowly fades away]

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Overall Impression7/10


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