GameOver - Games of the Year 2000

GameOver - Games of the Year 2000

Most Innovative Game - The Sims (c) Electronic Arts

Honourable Mention - Sacrifice, Deus Ex

From Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, comes a new strategy game that really hits close to home. You are in charge of a neighborhood of Sims and it is up to you to show them that they're living in your world now! Force them into a life of crime or help them live life in the fast lane. Build them a sprawling mansion or dump them into a dilapidated shack. Let them party like swinging singles or fall in love, get married and raise a family. They can live out your wildest dreams or experience your worst nightmares. It is up to you to decide ... their fate is in your hands.

Here's a quote from our review of The Sims:

Like all Sim games, The Sims is a management game of sorts, though the twist here is that you are managing a person, several roommates, or a nice big family, whichever you want. Upon starting the game, you can create your own characters with points distributed to a few attributes such as neatness, playfulness, outgoing and some others. Then you choose your character model, name and you're off. There aren't an awful lot of attributes to choose from, but it still gives your character a sense of personality.

Bring on the Multiplayer Madness!

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