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Help Wanted

We’re currently looking for a few volunteer reviewers to join the team here at Game Over Online. If you’re hard-working, motivated, and share a passion for the video game industry, drop us a line. Please include past experience and writing samples if possible. Whether you’re a MMO gamer, a handheld gamer (3DS/iPhone/Vita), a PC gamer or a console gamer (360/PS3/Wii), this is your opportunity.


Stephen Riach – Editor in Chief
Lawrence Wong – Senior Editor
Glen Bedjanian – Senior Editor

Phil Soletsky – Writer
Steven Carter – Writer
Brian Mardiney – Writer
Simon Waldron – Writer
Jeremy Peeples – Writer
Thomas Wilde – Writer
Russell Garbutt – Writer
Roger Fingas – Writer
Dan Nielson – Writer
Adam Dodd – Writer
Solomon Lee – Writer


Contact Lawrence Wong for more information regarding this service. Prices available upon request.

Publishers / Developers

If you’re a game publisher or developer looking to reach a worldwide gaming audience, we’re here to help. We’re more than happy to give your products the coverage they deserve. Contact Stephen Riach for more information.